Carport Conversion in Arizona (Greater Phoenix):

Why do we have such great reviews for carport conversions in Phoenix?

First, our carport conversion supervisor began as a specialist in the field of garage door installation. When converting your carport to a garage, wouldn't you value using an expert with extensive experience installing a variety of garage doors and openers? That is the most specialized task in the entire conversion. Only if the garage door is properly installed, aligned, and balanced, then you will be happy.


"You have to understand... they're constantly telling us in Sun City for us seniors to be worried about scammers.... He just did a fabulous job... and the best part for me was... I think he's pretty damned ethical. I liked that about him. He did a great job and I'm really proud of it. I really was impressed.... He cleans up afterwards, which was a big thing for me. He didn't leave my property a mess.... You can give somebody my telephone number. If they want to call and talk to me, they can call and talk to me. I am just his number one fan at this point!"

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The transcript of that 3 minute audio is here: testimonial about Phoenix carport conversion services

More recommendations that you hire our Phoenix remodeling contractor:

In a day and time where customer service can be a secondary and lacking skillset ... this company far exceeds the other competitors that I spoke to in their field. Hire with confidence. The work was done on time, on budget and with appreciation.

Ann O. in Phoenix, AZ

Was prompt and got the job done quickly. Professional. Best prices.

Ron S. in Chandler, AZ

The best service ever! Called me back immediately. Was on time and did a great job with no hidden prices. I would HIGHLY recommend!!!

Cindy L. in Chandler, AZ

Performed well and for a lower price than the other companies I called. Completed the work quickly, which was very important to me.

Samantha O. in Phoenix, AZ

Very helpful and friendly. We were thankful to get prompt help for such a reasonable price.

Gene W. in Chandler, AZ

He worked efficiently and was professional. Don't try to do it yourself. High quality all around. Thoroughly satisfied customer!

David D. in Peoria, AZ

This company is the best for the job! I highly recommend that you hire them.

Annie B. in Chandler, AZ

The garage door technician was very professional. He answered any questions I asked about operating the new garage door. Very responsive and very knowledgable.

Frank P. In Chandler, AZ

Great service from a family-owned business. I highly recommend them.

Gabriel B. in Scottsdale, AZ

The work was excellent, their staff was pleasant and courteous and I would absolutely recommend them. Hands down they are the BEST!

Dana W. in Laveen, AZ

Service was excellent and upfront. Would recommend to anyone. Very Honest.

Frank P. in Chandler, AZ

I think they are a small family company, but they are professional and nice (definitely not amateurs). I recommend them!

Ian B. in Phoenix, AZ

As a longer example of a carport conversion testimonial, below is a recommendation (from Dave H. in Cave Creek, AZ) that was submitted in 2011 through one of the most trusted testimonial websites on the internet.

Carport conversion was performed in greater Phoenix: yes

Comments on the quality of the carport conversion project:

The job went perfect. The next day after I called to schedule, the conversion work was started. They showed up on time (all the way out to me way north of Phoenix) and got the job done in the time John said it would take. It really could not have gone any better. Plus, calling me the day after to check on my satisfaction was really appreciated.

Detail of the carport conversion project in AZ:

Obviously, we needed someone to convert our carport in to an enclosed garage. After talking with John briefly on the phone and scheduling for him to come all the way out to us north of Phoenix to take a look, he inspected the existing carport. The first thing he showed me was a termite-infested beam in the ceiling of the carport. Although that was unexpected, I'm glad he found it. He explained everything that needed to be done and why.

Once they started the work, they carefully removed that weak beam, then even showed me the termites, and put in a new beam. Before long, they had finished framing out the front of the carport to accommodate a standard-sized garage door. Finally, they installed the new garage door and the garage door opener, plus programmed the keypad and 3 remotes. We can even open the garage door using our phones!

Last, one more thing that I thought really set this company apart in a good way was that John called me the next day just to make sure everything was up to my liking. In fact, I had one very small issue that was a concern to me. So, he immediately came back out that day and cleared up everything for me. By the time I knew exactly how to use the features of the keypad that were of interest to me, including the " vacation " setting to lock the garage door closed while we take long trips in the summer, I was so grateful to have used this company. Thanks, John: you did a great job!

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carport conversions in Phoenix AZ

Below are segments of our latest audio testimonial. A homeowner west of Phoenix contacted us when he was planning to convert his carport to a garage.
All of our Phoenix carport-conversion-crew-in-action-crop
our garage builders converted this carport in to what you can see here.

Above are pictures before, during, and after the carport was converted in to an enclosed garage west of Phoenix. This carport-to-garage conversion was a pretty standard one (including the building of a single side wall plus framing off the front for the garage door). To learn more details about this project, plus why the homeowner is now so eager to recommend our garage builders, keep scrolling down.

Why convert a carport to a garage?

Q: What led you to contact us?

A: I'd been wanting a garage for well... for ever. I've got an old classic car and I've only had a carport. So I figured it would be time to get the garage fitted.

I just kind of googled "carport conversion in to garages" (on google) "in Phoenix" and you guys came up. So I gave you guys a call and the price was right, so that's why I gave you guys a call [another call] to get it done!

Converting a carport to a garage for added security

When Steve had first called us, he told us right away that he wanted the added security of a garage so that he could safely store his classic car (as well as his work truck). So, as he was thinking about how he could spend his tax refund in early 2017, he started to investigate the costs of enclosing his carport in to a garage.

If I recall correctly, he was hoping that the total costs would be small enough for him to pay for it all with his tax refund. However, he was a bit disappointed when he found out that his tax refund was not going to be as much as he hoped. Still, he really wanted a garage, plus, to keep costs down, he was willing to do some of the simplest parts of the renovation himself (such as painting the newly constructed garage to match the existing walls).

The week before the superbowl is when his story took a very unusual twist. One winter morning, he walked outside to get in his truck and drive to work (just like any other day). However, this day would not begin as smoothly as he expected....

(The short version of the story is just below. Or, you can hear him tell the whole two-minute version of the story by playing this audio: ).

Basically, his work truck was not where had had parked it. He called the police plus his boss (who told the auto insurance company) to report it as stolen. Quickly, there was new urgency for finding someone to enclose the carport at a price he could afford! He says he considers his neighborhood to be safe, but he definitely did not want his own classic car stolen. That would be much more heart-breaking than the work truck (that belongs to his employer) getting stolen. His motivation surged and he starting looking for a contractor in Phoenix to enclose the carport.

Why did he select our carport conversion contractors?

Q: One of the big factors in selecting to work with us was the price, obviously?

A: Yeah

Q: Am I right that you contacted some other contractors about providing a conversion for you?

A: Yes, yes I did.

Q: ...Would you say a little bit about why you did not choose them?

A: The price wasn't right. They didn't seem... they didn't sound very professional. They were charging too much money and were very very pushy to get the job done when I hadn't made my mind up yet or not. So that's why I chose you guys over them.

Would he recommend our carport conversion contractors in Phoenix to you?

Q: If you knew somebody - anywhere in Phoenix, Peoria, or wherever it may be - If you knew somebody who was interested in enclosing their carport into a garage, how likely is it that you would recommend John?

A: 100 percent absolutely. I even told him I'd recommended him... for sure.

They did a incredibly good job... extremely fast. Some... They're very very cool people.

They did a great job. I was really impressed.

Before & after photos of another carport-to-garage conversion in Phoenix:

This carport was also converted to... this garage (for a real estate investor to flip the home):